The DUIL Program & Hardship Licensing in Massachusetts

Repeat DUI offender in Massachusetts, you will likely assigned to complete the 14 day in-patient DUIL program in Tewksbury, Massachusetts and out-patient aftercare as a condition of probation. Completion of the in-patient and aftercare programs are critical for hardship licensing. If you fail to complete any part of the drunk driving treatment program, you may be in found of probation and surrendered.

After completing the in-patient phase of the 2nd offender program, you will be required to sign a Second Offender Aftercare Contract. As part of the Second Offender Aftercare Program, you must complete the following components.

First, you must attend and successfully complete 26 weekly group sessions which are 75 minutes in length. These weekly sessions are considered Phase II of the alcohol program.

Phase III of the second offender program is comprised of monthly group sessions which will run up to the end of your term of probation supervision.

While you are in Phase II of the program and attending the required 26 weekly group sessions, you must attend at least two Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and provide written verification of your attendance. You must also complete a reflection exercise and submit it to the group facilitator before you enter phase III of aftercare.

You are required to schedule and attended an individual session with your DUI group facilitator at the end of the 26 weekly group sessions, prior to starting the monthly sessions.

You must submit to random breathalyzer screenings, which are performed no less than every 90 days, with the understanding that the DUIL program and/or aftercare provider will notify your probation officer of any positive alcohol screening results. A positive alcohol reading may result in a probation violation. The program provider will require you to abstain for alcohol and all illicit substances for a period of 24 hours prior to the start of any alcohol program activity. You will be required to consume no alcohol or illegal substances as a probation condition anyway.

Finally, you will be required to attend a two-hour victim impact awareness session, a Mother’s Against Drunk Driving (MADD) meeting, and you may have to attend the Brains at Risk program.